Happy Black Thursday

Happy Black Thursday November 21, 2012

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. The name of the holiday is self-explanatory – or it should be. But in fact, it sits oddly beside the custom of “celebrating” Black Friday – i.e. making the day after Thanksgiving a day of special sales in which people have been trampled to death trying to get those bargain items.

Black Friday also happens to be what some cultures call the day that in English is referred to as “Good Friday.” And so it is not surprising that someone tried to link the two, as in this image shared by Jesus Needs New PR:

This year, “Black Friday” will be starting on Thanksgiving itself. I guess that makes sense – Americans typically find it much easier to be thankful for brand new stuff than for stuff they got last year.

Whatever one's view of the aforementioned details, many Americans are united in mourning the passing of an American icon. Jim West shared this photo from the funeral:

All kidding aisde, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. And whenever you happen to start your Christmas shopping, I hope that you will neither be trampled to death, nor trample others.


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  • arcseconds

    It’s also called Black Friday by English speakers. I’m familiar with both terms from my childhood – and I remember it being quite confusing.

    (It would be a little odd to get a poster joke like that that depended on knowledge of some non-anglophone culture, wouldn’t it?)

    • Indeed! I wonder if it is more a case of tradition-specific designations than linguistic differences.

      • arcseconds

        Apparently it’s because the priests wear black vestiments, which suggests Catholicism or (high?) Anglican or something like that (there’s a collective term for the fancy-dress traditions isn’t there? which I forget).

        Doesn’t entirely explain why I’m familiar with the term, though, because contrary to popular belief, I’m not now and nor have I ever been a Catholic…

  • arcseconds

    As a kid, I always thought it was because the sky turned black…