How and What we Learn and Teach

How and What we Learn and Teach November 13, 2012

I am taking an online course at Butler, offered to faculty who are gearing up ourselves to offer online courses. Here are some videos that were shared as part of the course, which I think offer important food for thought for educators.

This classic bit of comedy makes the point that if you are going to university to learn information and expect to never use it but nonetheless to remember it after 5 years, then you are better off just watching this video and skipping university.

This one highlights aspects of outdated pedagogical models and approaches, the lives of students today, and how technology relates to it all:

(The above video is from 2007 – check out this trailer for a 2011 version that makes an impression of how much further things have gone along those anticipated lines).

Finally, here’s another video, also created by Michael Wesch, highlighting how text is different in our digital era:

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