It’s a Small Galaxy After All

It’s a Small Galaxy After All November 4, 2012

Some of the Star Wars-Disney mash-up images that have appeared since the new broke about Disney acquiring LucasFilm have been quite entertaining. Here are some of my favorites. If there is one that you really like but which isn't included below, please share it!

When You Wish Upon a Death Star...


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  • Jeff Carter
  • This tickled me.

  • newenglandsun

    You’re going to give me night mares.

    I personally think that Disney should make some of the books into movies. I remember reading the New Jedi Order books and saying to myself as I read them, “Man, how cool would this be if they were made into movies!”

    Here we go – Vector Prime, Balance Point, Star by Star, Destiny’s Way, The Final Prophecy, and The Unifying Force. They don’t have to make all of that series into movies. And they only need the guy who played Chewbacca for Vector Prime anyway!