Is Your Jesus a Spoiled Brat?

Is Your Jesus a Spoiled Brat? December 8, 2012

David Hayward is on a roll this week. Here’s his latest cartoon:

David adds the comment:

You’d think he would have outgrown this narcissistic attitude by the time he became an adult.

But… according to many… apparently not.

This is really insightful. The God and the Jesus that many conservative Christians envisage is one who is narcissistic and immature.

Just think about it. Really give it thought. If depicting God as an entity that would say “You won’t adore me? Fine, I’ll show you – I’ll torture you for eternity!” seems anything but a depiction of God as reflecting the worst traits found in human beings, then I can only guess that perhaps you too have some maturing to do, and have a god made in your own image, even if you have managed to persuade yourself that it is the other way around.

For those interested in ancient Christians’ treatment of this topic, take a look at the Infancy Gospel of Thomas (which should not be confused with the Gospel of Thomas). It depicts Jesus as a spoiled and immature child who nonetheless possesses great power dangerous in his hands. Fortunately by the end of the work, as it dovetails into the New Testament, it suggests that he has matured significantly.

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