The Last Thing We Need

The Last Thing We Need December 3, 2012

Another provocative cartoon from David Hayward. What do you think of it? Would you agree that another religion – even if it happens to be your own – is the last thing humanity needs?

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  • Melanie Davidson

    Not sure, but the depiction of the holy spirit as a sheet-over-the-head Halloween costume ghost is hilarious to me.

  • Ian

    I blame Paul. The gospel accounts don’t make it sound at all like Jesus wanted to establish a new religion.

    • cdbren

      You are correct. Jesus was merely introducing one final sacrifice for sins instead of a continual one that was not perfect. The whole Jewish “religion” or history was leading up to that point on the cross. It is a continuation from the creation of the earth and universe, history of the earth, to an explanation of what sin is, to the sacrifice of God himself on the cross for all those that are repentant. And really Christianity is not a religion at all. It is a personal relationship with God.

      • Ian

        The gospel accounts don’t describe a Jesus who is introducing a final sacrifice for sins, either. You have to read that into a handful of passages in John. Again, that comes from the epistles. Perhaps you should actually read the gospels.

        • cdbren

          Perhaps you are trying to see what is not there? Or do not understand what the alter sacrifices were to be. What they accomplished and didn’t accomplish. The entire NT is about Jesus and his impending death as the final sacrifice. There are to be no more alter sacrifices. It completely meshes OT Jewish history, God’s laws and message to the NT message. The message of the Bible, both OT and NT was never meant to be a religion. If you can’t see it, you will continue to argue that it is not there.

          • Ian

            Which is simply a restatement of your theology, and appeals to the ‘message’ of the whole bible, but does not address the point. Jesus does not describe himself in the gospels as the sacrifice for sins to abolish the temple sacrifice. (John’s version of John the baptist comes closest in John 1, and a couple of other passages in John are sometimes used as gospel support, but that’s it.) It is definitely not what Jesus is portrayed as being in the slightest bit concerned about in his preaching. You’re getting that from Paul and reading it back into the rest of the bible. As I said, perhaps you should actually read the *gospels* (i.e. the subject of this discussion) and see what is actually there.

          • cdbren

            Apparently you don’t understand or maybe have your own ideas as to why God set up the sacrificial system for sins in the first place. he did so in order to teach several things. What sin is, who He is, etc. This was all leading up to what Christ would do on the cross.

            Why else would be put that in place?

            Hebrews 10:11. Hebrews 9:13-14

            The old sacrificial system was indeed done away with, with the death on the cross. Many scriptures attest to this. Hebrews 7:17 and 26 for example. Jesus is described as the lamb. He is described as the last Adam. He was the new and only priest that we would ever need or Jews would ever need.

            Galatians 3:29 and Romans 2:29 clearly show that those that trust in Christ are the same as those that trust in the OT. Basically Christians that trust in Christ are included in the descendants of Abraham and considered Jewish by God.

          • Ian

            We’re not talking about the epistles. Sheesh cd, its not hard to understand. I am talking about the *gospels*. You do understand which books are gospels don’t you?

  • newenglandsun

    lol. the holy ghost.