This is Not a Textbook

This is Not a Textbook December 28, 2012

Does anyone know what “textbook” this is a photograph of? After I asked that question, a commenter quickly informed me that it is from Behold Your God: Magnifying His Majesty by Frank Hamrick and Jeff Hedgepeth. Take a look:

The image has been making the rounds, appearing on BoingBoing and IO9 among other places.

Let’s work through the questions in this “textbook,” shall we?

The first one says that atheistic evolutionism has to do with “the existence of matter.” In answer to the question, that’s what is wrong – whoever made this despicable piece of garbage that is supposed to be a textbook doesn’t seem to know what the theory of evolution is.

The answer to the question about 2 Peter 3:5 is that it envisages creation as taking place as it is described in Genesis. The Earth is not round, there is a vast primordial ocean, and the Earth is brought into being by God gathering the waters so that dry land appears.

The last question is clearly a trick question. Only someone who is either treating the Bible superficially, or using it with deliberate deceit, would say that the ancient author of 2 Peter was talking about scientists and creationism.

That this could be called a “textbook” by anyone is a travesty. That anyone is being indoctrinated with this garbage is criminal. It would be worth bringing a lawsuit for deliberate slander and misrepresentation on behalf of all scientists against the person who wrote the obviously false statements in it.

This is only one page and it is hard to find a single truthful or accurate statement about science, scientists, or Scripture. Now I know who wrote this, but they are just names. Who are these criminals, these charlatans, named Frank Hamrick and Jeff Hedgepeth? What do they have against the truth, against the Bible, against science, and against the poor unfortunate people who make use of their book? And who are the victims that this work of deception is being perpetrated against? The publisher’s web site says it is intended for high school students.  What can be done to help warn the victims about the nature of what is being done to them?

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  • RBH

    It’s from this 25-page (purported) Bible study pamphlet which is aimed at homeschoolers:

    The home page of the site is here:

    The site began operating in January, 2012, and the blog was last updated in October, 2012.

    • Thanks. I have updated the post so that the criminal minds behind it are named. 🙁

  • It’s a poor taxonomy. Where’s the Higgs boson and the behaviour of open string field theory in the presenence of 2 parallel d24-branes? (That’s 24 dimensional membranes – plenty of room for God in the present co-creating with the miserable students).

    • CAThompson

      A d24? Which game uses that?

      In general, the answer to the last paragraph/statment/question on the page clearly is “You tell me?”

    • Susanna King

      I object to the teaching of string theory without also teaching the conflicting evidence!

      • Alex Harman

        I’m not sure if you meant that to be ironic or a legitimate objection, but it actually is the latter; unlike evolution, which is the sole scientific explanation for the phenomena it describes, string theory is one of multiple competing scientific explanations for the interaction between quantum mechanics and relativity, and may well turn out not to be the correct one.

  • Paul D.

    The A.C.E. school I went to didn’t even acknowledge that “theistic evolution” was an option. There was only Creationism and Evolution-“ism”.

    Physics was just as bad. They taught, for instance, that the theory of solar fusion was a lie from atheists to trick people into thinking the universe was more than 6,000 years old.

    • That’s just so stupid – it’s picking a fight with science for no reason. Much better to say “Yes, the Sun does run on fusion, that’s how God created it”.

  • Marshall

    Actually, (disclosure: I’m not a professional) current Scientific thinking is that the visible universe (eg, matter as we know it) didn’t evolve from nothing; the patterns of matter that we see in the remnants of the Big Bang visible to us are attributed to quantum fluctuations “inflated” to stuptifying size. Eg, see the first image at by Ethan Siegel, who is a pro. Talk about your mustard seeds!

    The phrase you are looking for is “not even wrong”. But please consider, “the remedy for bad speech is more speech.”

  • Carstonio

    Another way the alleged textbook is wrong is that evolution says nothing about how matter came to be, or how life came to be. It’s solely about the diversity of life.

  • Mary

    “whoever made this despicable piece of garbage that is supposed to be a textbook doesn’t seem to know what the theory of evolution is.”

    Who needs to know the theory when you are already convinced that it is wrong?

    This is intended for high school??? The questions read more like a bad version even for grade school.  Yes the student is supposed to write what is wrong with evolution (without even studying it first) in a couple of lines in a workbook? Really???