George Lucas on Intelligent Design

George Lucas on Intelligent Design January 10, 2013


Through the poster above, which was shared on Facebook, I had my attention drawn to some comments George Lucas made about Intelligent Design, evolution, God, and the Bible. Click through to read the interview in which he made the comments, if you are interested. He is obviously neither a scientist nor a theologian, but as a filmmaker his vision as it relates to science and religion has been influential, and is thus worth discussing.



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  • Just Sayin’

    We’ll, he has no influence due to expertise in science or theology or philosophy, so he has only the influence we choose to give him. I give him the same influence I give Bono i.e. zero.

    • Pseudonym

      I would argue that Lucas may not have the degree, but he has more hands-on experience with theology than most theologians by virtue of having created some fairly influential mythology, and watching it play out in the wider culture. It’s exactly the kind of experiment that academics wish they could do.

      I have a similar opinion about Bono. He may not understand it, but he lives it.

    • Otto Krog

      They both definitely have influence. Just look at this article.

  • Comparing the way George makes changes to his thirty-year old movies, then reissues them like they were original works, I’m thankful God hasn’t needed to reissue me just yet. So far, I’m perfect the way I am, fourth and final draft.

  • “Evolution is a product of intelligent design” – that’s a good one. We know what ‘is a product of’ is right? And we know ‘intelligent’ (O yeah). And we can distinguish ‘design’ from accident – maybe. And ‘evolution’ – mindless shape shifting through origami – this is intelligent? – able to predict / able to remember?

    Is he, I wonder, a bit too close to the God of the Gaps? ‘Everything we don’t know is “intelligent design.” Everything we do know is science.’ (It’s a good shape-shifting answer?)

    Even that word ‘know’ is too hard for us. But we have the knowledge of good and evil – so let’s get with the Gospel: justice and equity for the poor and the marginalized. Judgment to shame for the exploiters and the oligarchs and the men of violence.

    Justice without violence? This is sense.

    Noise without atmosphere? Big bang? Non-sense.

    I am a 67 year old holograph with 24D Branes manipulating my strings by field formations that I cannot see – being only a three-D critter with inference for prediction and fading memory.

    Critter? Who critted me? Them branes, – them branes, them wet branes.

  • Scott F

    In the interview God is just inserted as if “He” has a demonstrated empiric existence outside the Bible: Step 1. Assume a creator…

    “Our job is to find all the ‘intelligent design,’ and figure out how He did everything,”
    So, God’s will is however the universe turned out? Is this consistent with science? Sure, consistent in the same way that one is a factor of all numbers – strictly true but it contributes little in the way of explanation.

    This seems to me the type of rationalization a person develops who wants to appear thoughtful without sacrificing either of two beliefs that are cherished yet in tension. Meh!

    • Otto Krog

      I agree

  • PoodleSheep

    I still can’t get past the fact that he hasn’t properly apologized for the sin that is Jar Jar.

    • Otto Krog

      I like that

  • I thought his attempts at …philosophy? theology? sciene?…to be rather incoherent. I suspect “right-brained” artsy types aren’t particularly interested in consistent, logical thought, except when it comes to honing their own craft.

    • Otto Krog

      You could turn it around and say that spirituality is the most logic way to view existence.

  • Kaz

    Casey Luskin responds to Lucas’s misconceptions:

    • Casey Luskin correcting someone else’s misconceptions? Who has corrected his? 🙂

  • Otto Krog

    He is spot on.

  • Otto Krog

    I really dig George Lucas.

  • Otto Krog

    George Lucas is cool.