My Course on How to Use the Internet

My Course on How to Use the Internet January 11, 2013

The new semester at Butler University begins on Monday. My course on the Bible is at the same time a course on how to use the internet. The need for training in such skills is illustrated well by this image that has been circulating on Facebook:

Whether or not to take advantage of the accessibility of information and literature is a choice we all must make. There are so many classic books available in electronic form perfectly legally as they are in the public domain. But how many people actually take the time to read them? How many seek out classic literature, or accurate information, in the midst of the things that are more popular but arguably have less depth and/or accuracy?

On that note, here’s a Dilbert cartoon which Marc Cortez shared:

It does take work – an investment of time and effort – to have an informed opinion. But it takes much less work than it used to. And so the question that remains is how many people can be persuaded that the effort is worthwhile.

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