An Important Book on the Synoptic Problem

An Important Book on the Synoptic Problem February 22, 2013

My review of Dennis R. MacDonald’s book Two Shipwrecked Gospels: The Logoi of Jesus and Papias’s Exposition of Logia About the Lord has been published by Review of Biblical Literature and can be read online. Here is how the review begins – hopefully that will inspire readers of this blog to click through and read the rest!

Works that bring about a sea change through their radically innovative approach to a scholarly question are rare. Whether Dennis MacDonald’s Two Shipwrecked Gospels will prove to be such a book cannot be said until after its arguments have been fully explored, discussed, analyzed, and evaluated by the scholarly community. But the volume has the potential to mark a turning point in the study of the Synoptic Problem, and I write this review hopeful that the potential importance of the volume will not overlooked and that its proposals will get the attention that they deserve.

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