Awesome Cracked Headline for Apocryphal Gospels and Acts

Awesome Cracked Headline for Apocryphal Gospels and Acts February 23, 2013

On, an article appeared today with the title “5 Miracles Deleted From the Bible For Being Too Awesome.” While the idea that the contents of the extracanonical Gospels and Acts were deleted from the Bible is simply wrong, it is very cool to see the Gospel of Peter, the Acts of John, and other such sources getting this sort of attention. Many of the stories in them do indeed deserve to be widely known than they are.

And of course, if you want to actually read many of these texts, there’s an app for that, as I discussed earlier today!

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  • Thanx for the link to this hilarious article. I will be using it to share my own story about God and Bedbugs in a coming post. Much appreciated.