Even Ken Ham Doesn’t Believe in his own Saddled Dinosaurs

Even Ken Ham Doesn’t Believe in his own Saddled Dinosaurs February 1, 2013

Ken Ham is apparently willing to compromise about more than geocentrism and the firmament. Now he is backtracking on the claim that people rode on saddled dinosaurs. That is something depicted in Ham’s own book, Dinosaurs of Eden: Tracing the Mystery Through History. Just take a look at the sample page on Amazon.com:

I still think that Ken Ham is genuinely out to make Christians look as foolish and dishonest as possible because he hates Christianity. I can find no other plausible explanation for his dishonest words about both the Bible and science, his hypocritical behavior, and his fervent efforts to depict Christians as people who believe dragons are real.

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  • Christine

    A friend of mine was loaned a Ham book to read because he wasn’t as gung-ho about creationism as someone else wanted him to be. As my friend said – Ham’s book is one of the best arguments in favour of evolution he found.

  • Gamgokt

    We do not know what took place in the pre-flood world exactly except that the people loved sin and practiced it so much that God had to pass judgment . So it is easy to speculate what people did with animals BUT such speculation cannot be verified. To criticize someone for mere speculating and changing their minds is pure hypocrisy as secularists, evolutionists and you do this all the time.

    • Dinorider

       We can gather evidence through archeology, geology and paleontology and weigh up that evidence to see which theoriy fits the facts best. There’s no geological evidence of a global flood. Dating of dinosaur fossils consistently shows that they were extinct long before humans appeared on the scene. It’s possible to figure out from genetic studies backed up by archeology when animals like the horse or the dog was domestcated. If people had ridden dinosaurs in the past, it would be possible to verify. All the evidence suggests they didn’t.

      The flood story was adapted by whoever wrote Genesis from earlier Mesapotamian myth. There’s no reason to think it was ever supposed to be taken as history- it’s a story, that’s all. If it had really happened, there’d be what’s called a ‘population bottleneck’ in every animal species on earth (except the ones in the sea). This would be detectable by geneticists. Most animals would also show signs of severe inbreeding. That’s not the case and so the idea that all animals are descended from a pair on Noah’s Ark doesn’t fit the evidence.


      • rob

        Assuming wikipedia is the authority? Curious to see how they explain the Dead Sea.

    • Michael Wilson

      His specualtion is fine. George Lucas specualted on what went on in a galaxy far away a long longf time ago, however, is it suitable for science class?

    • gimpi1

      There’s no evidence for a global flood, and plenty of evidence it didn’t happen. Just a few of the problems: Leaving aside the problem of the water, all ocean life would have been wiped out, as the salinity of the oceans was altered. Two of most land animals would not be able to repopulate, due to genetic problems. Bacteria that all larger life depends on would have been destroyed. Green plants would have died off, greatly impacting the oxygen content of the air. There’s no evidence any of this happened.

      There have been plenty of great floods. There’s no evidence for Noah. Sorry.

  • Kevin Brown

    With Respect Gamgokt. Kam didn’t just change his mind. He pretended he never made the claim in the first place.
    In the video he sits there and wonders where on earth people got the idea of humans riding dinosaurs. Even though he has written books, made videos, and created full scale replicas of just that.

    and all if can be verified because A) there was no global flood and B) the earth is not 6000 years old and humans and dinosaurs never overlapped.

    The only reason Ham said what he said on this occasion was because someone walked him into a logic wall in front of all his customers. He would to say something silly or just pretend he never said it in the first place.

    Odds are that he’ll still write and make videos showing dinosaurs and saddles no matter what he said the other day.

  • Guest

    I think he just likes money and has found a niche market he can exploit.

  • LorenHaas

    Reading the reviews of Ham’s book on Amazon.com is quite entertaining. It is challenging to sort out the serious true believers and the parody.

  • ryan

    Are those cybermen in the bottom-right of that picture?

    • I think the book may feature some hi-tech imagined way of people today to see the past. But they could be, and might as well be! 🙂

  • What is that, on that poor dinosaur’s face?

    • Michael Wilson

      yeah, I know. I definately would have went with a less phallic hadrosaur.

      • LorenHaas

        Illustrator’s revenge?

        • James Mc Cormack

          No not illustrators revenge, it’s divine inspiration and then they had to audition 500 artists who laughed in ken hams face till they found one starving artists who had just graduated from an online evangelical creationist arts and science college who was qualified to bring Hams crackpot vision to all the little children of the world ?

  • I bet persuading a dinosaur to carry your wife and child on its back must have been a bit of a challenge. I can see the makings of a film… Robert Redford is The Gallimimus Whisperer

  • Michael Wilson

    I feel bad for the guy, he clearly has a child like love of dinosaurs and the splendid Dinotopeia fantasy books.

  • none

    This isn’t an argument to the whether or not humans and dinosaurs co-existed or whether or not Dinosaurs and dragons are the same animals. Neither does it disprove creation science nor does it prove evolution. Just for the record.

  • Makabit

    Now I am sad. I believe in the cart-pulling dinosaurs, and I want Ken Ham to as well. Where is his faith?

  • Gregory Peterson
  • newenglandsun

    Ken Ham ran answersingenesis? I thought it was Richard Dawkins!


    • Thanks for sharing that – I hadn’t seen it before, and will dedicate a blog post to it!

  • newenglandsun

    By the way, an AiG article I ran across just now admits that many Christians mock the idea of a 6,000 year old Earth as well.


    Maybe the YEC crowd is now admitting that it’s a minority in even Christianity.

  • James Mc Cormack

    it takes more than 6,000 years for dinosaur crap to petrify. ….amen