Lecture on Exodus and Conquest

Lecture on Exodus and Conquest February 18, 2013

I had hoped to make a recording of my class today, but we ended up discussing points raised by a student’s presentation, and so I recorded the above lecture in my office later in the day, so that I can post it and not take more class time covering the key points.

I’d be interested to hear from scholars whose expertise is primarily in Hebrew Bible and/or the history and archaeology of ancient Israel, to get your input on whether anything could be improved in light of more recent work that I may not have kept up-to-date on. The students watched clips from two documentaries that said more about the archaeology of Jericho and Ai, Israel Finkelstein’s work on the highland settlements, Norman Gottwald’s peasant revolt series, and several other points. And so the above is intended to complement that information, and not to be comprehensive taken on its own.

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