More about Student Blogging

More about Student Blogging February 21, 2013

Brian LePort has continued to focus his blogging attention on the topic of student blogging. In one post, he sought to gather names/blogs of doctoral students who blog – or blogged when they were students, for those who’ve since graduated. In another, he asked about the possibility of blogging later interfering with attempts to find employment.

Then Robert Holmstedt posted on his own blog his opinion that students should not blog. It includes a bit of “discovered” correspondence related to 19th-century blogging – sorry, writing on a public chalkboard or “choard.” This in turn led to Brian responding.

I think that there is a danger of students who lack maturity blogging as a way of venting about frustrations and criticizing others, or doing other things that can and probably should have consequences. But isn’t the issue one of blogging wisely and with maturity, rather than avoiding doing so altogether?

Please contribute to the conversation, whether here or on the other blogs I’ve linked to!

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