Quality on the Internet

Quality on the Internet February 26, 2013

Chris Spinks linked to and commented on a Lifehacker article by Alan Henry with the title “How to Conduct Scientific Research On the Internet (Without Getting Duped).”

Michael Patton blogged about finding trustworthy scholars.

Jona Lendering has a post about what the future might look like if the tide of poor quality information and simple misinformation is not stemmed.

Amanda at Cheesewearing Theology contributed to the discussion of student blogging. A key point that has not been made strongly enough is that blogging by students at any level is likely to contribute to the internet information which others blogging about the same topic, without having ever studied it, will not.

Jim Linville mentioned that the Metacriticism of Biblical Scholarship Consultation at SBL is still looking for proposals, including on the topic of academic freedom in the realm of Biblical studies.

On a related note, Matthew Milliner asked whether the “electric connection” that is unpredictable learning can happen in fully online courses.

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