Band Names

Band Names March 21, 2013

The pastor of my church asked for input on what to call our church music group. We feel like we ought to have a name for our band. Here were the suggestions that he started out with:

Facebook Poll: Help us name our Worship Team at Crooked Creek Baptist. So far the suggestions are (in no order of seriousness): Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herders, Shapeshifting Jesus, Crooked Creed, and Front Row Baptists. Other suggestions are permitted!

Which would you pick? What other ones might you propose? If copyright infringement is not a concern, others that I thought of included Alderaan, Rogue Squadron, and Miracle Max and the Mostly Dead.

Maybe we should just use one of the online band name generators. The one I linked to came up with some good ones like “Careless Vengeance,” “Aberrant    University” and “Dinosaur Dispute”! Or maybe we should call ourselves “Band Name Generator”?

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