Ice Age Creationism

Ice Age Creationism March 18, 2013

The Answers in Genesis web site has a fascinatingly amusing discussion (previewing an article in their magazine) about the timing of the Ice Age within the framework of their insistence that creation occurred 6,000 years ago. This means that they date the Pleistocene Era after the flood. The article cites evidence from radiometric dating, the evidence of which they dispute whenever it suits them. They also need to posit radically fast evolutionary changes to account for the differences in species between the ice age and the time of Abraham, in order to account for the differences between the fossil evidence for certain animals and their later counterparts. The whole thing illustrates just how bizarre a system of thought young-earth creationism is. All this to shoehorn data into a time frame that they insist on imposing, but which is not only at odds with all the scientific evidence, but isn’t even required by the Biblical evidence.

I continue to wonder whether the folks at AiG are working to make Christianity look as foolish as possible, even while claiming their aim is to promote it.

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