If Darth Vader Had Become an Evangelical Christian

If Darth Vader Had Become an Evangelical Christian March 14, 2013

HT Joel Watts

The story of Anakin Skywalker is a story of repentance and redemption. But if the story had played out a little differently, and a little closer to home, would the above cartoon have been the result? If you don't think so, then feel free to describe – or even draw, if you are so inclined – what you think would have happened if Anakin's repentance had been an Evangelical Christian conversion experience.



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  • Dean Gibson

    Viewed from another angle, what’s wrong with Vader? Vader simply wants to bring Order to the galaxy. The comparison is admittedly a little heavy-handed, but Vader has more in common with mainstream Evangelicals than in opposition. He has a desire for law and order, for things to be in their place, and for noncomformity to have consequence. He will kill someone over their lack of faith, and has no qualms against using the full force of the government to enforce his views. Oh, and one thing to keep in mind.. Vader never lied to Luke. Yoda and Kenobi regularly treated truth rather loosely throughout. They could have at least mentioned the sister thing before that kiss- how much therapy is THAT gonna cost Luke?

  • Mark Lawson

    Quite right – Darth Vader was just trying to hold the place together but was defeated by a bunch of revolutionaries.. I have put together my version of the star wars true history on http://www.vaderisinnocent.com