Put God Back in Marathons

Put God Back in Marathons April 16, 2013

Bob Cargill shared the above image of a Facebook status. And David Hayward did a good job with today’s cartoon, getting at the seeming correspondence between tragedy and increased theological nonsense and inanity (I prefer not to use his term, but some of the things people spout at times like these are so offensive that I understand why one would use it).

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  • The only problem might be that the same people saying what they did about Newtown might well agree that saying prayers before, during and after marathons would be good and maybe would have stopped the bombings. The effectiveness of pointing out how stupid people sounded on previous occasions kinda depends on them not being just as stupid now.

    • lifegiver36

      LOL thats a great comment and so true. There is no point in pointing out how dumb people sounded if they are just as dumb now as they were then.

  • Beth

    I don’t really approve of the facebook status. No matter how true it is, it’s still using a tragedy to score points again political enemies. I wish people would just wait and reflect for a day or so, before the back-and-forth mudslinging starts.

  • newenglandsun

    too soon