Antievolutionism is a Tool of Satan

Antievolutionism is a Tool of Satan May 27, 2013

Someone drew attention to this image which they spotted on a Facebook page, “Evolution's Family Tree”:

I tried to respond to it in a manner that the maker of the image might be able to understand. And so I left a comment that it is antievolutionism that is a tool of Satan. It is a movement that encourages deceit about evidence and misunderstanding about scientific conclusions. It is a stance that distracts people from loving their enemies self-sacrificially as Jesus taught us to, and turns them instead into internet trolls who hurl insults and abuse while passing on lies that they have been duped into believing. It drives a wedge between evidence from the natural world and Christian faith. It convinces many people that they must choose between what the biological evidence overwhelmingly supports and the Christian faith, so that if they eventually discover that young-earth creationism is a lie, they end up abandoning not only it but Christianity. And it convinces many non-Christians that Christians are gullible ignoramuses.

You do not need to believe that there are demons in the classic literal sense to feel that “diabolical deception” is a label that fits well when placed on young-earth creationists and others of their ilk.


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  • This is exactly the truth which I’ve been addressing on my blog and website articles for so many years. That young earth creationism is of the Devil, full of lies, makes huge mockery of science and Christianity, and makes people turn away from God and Christianity altogether and makes non-Christians poke fun, laugh, and scorn at Christianity for showing bad examples for everyone to follow. YEC makes people more of children of Hell than Children of God.

    • go_4_tli

      As a former young-Earth creationist myself, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been doing much the same thing, as well as occasionally writing on the forum of a local radio station that supports young-Earth creationist teachers and teaching.

  • newenglandsun

    “Satan” means adversary. I don’t believe in a literal Satan and instead thinks it is loony to do so but I agree that anti-evolutionism is a tool of Satan (adversary).