Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer May 23, 2013

I'm not entirely certain whether this is official, but it is still well done.

Do you think they are still planning to do something with the Doctor's name along the lines of the hints we had received up until now, as highlighted in the video? Or is that all a red herring? Or is it something which will, if it ever appears on the show, only happen at the end of the Doctor's lives?

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  • Evan Hershman

    It is official; it’s got BBC One’s logo all over it, and an advertising slogan at the beginning.

    • That was my guess, but then I thought that I would add precisely those things if I was making a fan trailer and wanted people to think it was official! Perhaps our ability to mash up and photoshop to effectively has made me unnecessarily suspicious…

  • goodacre

    It’s a nicely made fan trailer dated 15 March by a certain “Dom”, “Here’s a trailer I’ve made”, etc.

    • So I was right to be suspicious!

      Do you think they still plan to run with the Silence and the “question that must never be answered” having some deeper significance, or do you think the reason that the question should not have been answered was to either prevent the Great Intelligence from undoing the Doctor’s victories, or perhaps prevent John Hurt being set loose in the Doctor Who universe? 🙂

      • goodacre

        I think we’ve done with that plot now; Richard E. Grant asking it at the tomb was a bit like Bernard Cribbins knocking four times in The End of Time Part 2. Prophecy fulfilled. I think we’ll move on with the John Hurt plot. I would like to see some explanation for Season 5’s exploding TARDIS, though.

        • Could be the Silence trying to kill him. The Great Intelligence trying to turn one of his victories into a defeat. Or perhaps it had something to do with excessive reversal of the neutron flow…

  • jeremy

    cant wait to watch this oh wait cant til six months

  • Jake Collins

    Just…what. It says in the description that it’s fan made, no infringement intended, etc. I mean it is a fantastic trailer but not realizing that’s it’s not official is just lazy.

  • doctorforpresident

    just out of interest, how is the piece of music called that plays in the background?

  • Steven Wauford

    It is a fan made trailer, although a really good one. My biggest clue was the same music that was used in the first teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 was used for most of it. I’m sure it’s a licensed use track by now, but they have Murray Gold already on contract for the music, with a wonderful soundtrack able to be used, why go with something like that?