Doctor Who: The Original Concept

Doctor Who: The Original Concept May 15, 2013

I had it drawn to my attention that the original background notes for the TV show Doctor Who, written by Cecil E. Webber and Sydney Newman, is available on the BBC website (I’ve embedded the entire thing below). The document sets forth a vision for where the show would go. It appears that the Doctor’s identity was intended to be a mystery, with possible resolutions offered throughout only to be undercut – and eventually, it was intended that more would be found out, if the show continued long enough. I wonder whether those involved in the so-called “Cartmel Masterplan” – or Steven Moffatt and others involved in the show’s current direction – were or are interacting with it consciously.

The discussion of the genre – science fiction vs. fantasy – is also very interesting.


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  • William Bell

    I like this, I like the actual show more but a time traveller who has lost his memory while on the run from a future that wants to stop his meddling is pretty neat.

  • Hey Look! His name on the show really is Dr. Who!