Geza Vermes 1924-2013

Geza Vermes 1924-2013 May 11, 2013

I apologize that it has taken me a while to mention the recent passing of Geza Vermes, the renowned scholar of ancient Judaism and the historical Jesus. I had wanted to mark his passing not merely by linking to what others wrote, but by trying to round up and share some of his writings and videos that can be found online. Alas, other things got in the way. So I direct readers to the blog posts about his life and death by Mark Goodacre (twice), James Crossley, Jim Davila, and the T&T Clark blog (among others).

But I will share this one video, in which he speaks directly to the camera and talks about the Testimonium Flavianum – a passage in which Josephus mentions Jesus, and which shows clear signs of Christian tampering. I encourage you (especially if you are unfamiliar with his work) to find and read more!

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  • I’m genuinely and profoundly sad at this great scholar’s death. This guy’s quiet, careful and understated scholarship literally changed my life.

    • Apologies again that it took me so long to mention his passing. I’ve found his work to be always insightful and balanced from the first time I encountered it in his classic Jesus the Jew to everything else since.

  • I am sorry we have lost Geza Vermes. Thanks for the video on Josephus; I had not seen it before.