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James D. G. Dunn Blog May 17, 2013

I learned today that there is a WordPress site for James D. G. Dunn. Jimmy Dunn supervised my PhD research, and is indisputably one of the top New Testament scholars of recent decades.

I have not asked Jimmy whether the site was created by him and is thus official, but even if it isn't, it looks like it could be interesting and useful!


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  • Jerome

    Not too much going on there though … the most recent posts are from 2009?

    • True, and disappointing. But now that we know it exists, perhaps we can raise an encouraging cry that we want to see it become active again! 🙂

  • goodacre

    Looks to me like there is an inverse correlation between the amount blogged and the amount formally published! Kind of the opposite of most bloggers!

  • Gupta Nijay

    James – I (Nijay Gupta) started the site in 2009 in conversation with Jimmy (it was my idea). He wasn’t really interested in blogging and I presume he still isn’t. It was more of an opportunity for him to have an online presence in his retirement. I had conceived of trying to get permissions to post pdfs of all his article/essay publications (going back to the beginning). Confession – I didn’t get very far before I had completed my studies at Durham and had to focus on job-hunting. Well, finally after 4 years, I have a job! Perhaps next summer (since I am focused, again, on moving this summer) I will get back to work trying to fill the site with content. I will say again, though, Jimmy had no intention at the time of “blogging” nor answering theological questions that came through the site.

    Jimmy has had a monumental impact on my understanding of the NT, especially Paul and the Gospels. He is a first-rate commentator, historian, and theologian. And it makes a big difference that he is a really warm and friendly person – always smiling! I had hoped to have him as a supervisor in 2006, but he had recently retired when I had applied to Durham. It was a singular pleasure to get opportunities to chat with him at Caffe Nero once in a while. I love that I can hear his trilling Scottish accent whenever I crack one of his books!

    • Hi Nijay! I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who reads Jimmy’s books in his voice! Thanks for creating the site – I hope that you’ll find time to update it at some point. And who knows, maybe Jimmy will decide to find out for himself whether retirement and blogging fit well together…

      • Sean Garrigan

        We could let him know how well it’s been going for Larry Hurtado, and maybe that could cause an interest to flicker?

        James Dunn is unquestionably one of my favorite scholars, as his writings are so engaging. He and Hurtado both have a real flair about them. Since they like to dialogue about Christology, I put their books next to each other on the bookshelf in my house dedicated to Christology.