The Bible: Lens or Blindfold?

The Bible: Lens or Blindfold? May 28, 2013

David Hayward posted another thought-provoking cartoon:

There are so many points that one can make in relation to this. The problem of looking for God in the Bible, when by definition any reality worthy of the designation “God” is not to be found in a book. The fact that so many atheists are convinced that there is no God because ancient authors of the Bible held beliefs about both God and the world that are unpersuasive. The fact that focusing on what authoritative texts say is depicted time and time again within the Bible as interfering with people heeding God’s call.

But most importantly, the Bible points to God, a God that is to be known and experienced not on its pages, or at least not there alone, but beyond its pages, in experience, in reality.

If the Bible itself is what you see, then you are doing something wrong. The Bible can only serve as a lens or as a blindfold.

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