Worst Conspiracy Ever (Dinosaur Skin and Creationism)

Worst Conspiracy Ever (Dinosaur Skin and Creationism) May 25, 2013

Eye on the ICR has a post about the discovery of some soft material from a dead dinosaur that had survived down to the present day. Not surprisingly, some young-earth creationists have tried to misrepresent it in order to imply that it shows that dinosaurs lived more recently. But it does nothing of the sort, obviously. Such finds are rare, and so this is not an indication that a short time has passed since the dinosaur died. The interesting question – which scientists are fascinated by – is what the processes are that have allowed soft materials from an organism to be preserved.

I particularly like this quote from the piece:

I’ve heard creationists speak of conspiracy in these matters, of scientists actively concealing such finds to prop up the old Earth… Worst conspiracy ever. If it actually existed we would have to conclude that it is very good at hiding positive evidence of its own existence, but very bad at hiding the finds that it exists to conceal.

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