Agnostic Theists and Other Varieties

Agnostic Theists and Other Varieties June 12, 2013

I came across this image today on Reddit:

It poses two axes, knowledge and belief. But one of them strikes me as peculiar. Why is the one that runs from left to right categorized as having to do with “belief”?

It seems to me that a graphic that explores religious and non-religious options, and the relative sense of certainty adherents to them have, could be useful. The “knowledge” axis is clearly about confidence in one’s views and not “knowledge.”

And of course, “Gnostic” has other connotations.

It is presumably an attempt to improve on the linear Dawkins Scale which I blogged about previously. But it is just as problematic, if not more so.

Has anyone seen a diagram like this, but one which deals with the varieties of religious and areligious confidence in a better way?

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