Ancient/Middle East Academic Resources Online

Ancient/Middle East Academic Resources Online June 19, 2013

A whole range of interesting materials have popped up on blogs today, and so I thought I’d gather them and share them here.

AWOL shared the Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine project (and also Greek Inscriptions) and the Middle East Research Journals project.

AMIR mentioned Michael Hillman’s books and other materials for learning Persian language and culture, available on

Anthony Le Donne pointed to a new addition to the collection of publications he has made available online on his web page.

Classical Archaeology News shared an infographic about Rome, ancient supercity.

Scot McKnight blogged about women in the time of Jesus.

Roger Pearse pointed out some interesting online theses from the Oxford University Research Archive.

John Byron was one of several to mention an interesting archaeology app.

The British Library shared a program about the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Synoptic Solutions suggests that the recent article by Viklund and Paanaanen may mark a significant milestone in the publication of material that first appeared online in a traditional print peer-reviewed journal article. I’m not so sure that we haven’t witnessed other cases well before now.

Alistair Stewart translated the Gnomes of the Council of Nicaea.

ASOR talked about the golden age of open access archaeology.

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