Immaculate Con

Immaculate Con June 26, 2013

Steve Wiggins shared this photo of one of the gates to the Immaculate Conception Cemetery, when open and separated from the other.

There are a lot of instances of logos and names being put on opening or sliding doors with unfortunate and amusing results.

There are lots of jokes that one could make. But if you are inclined to seek deeper significance and symbolism, I'd suggest thinking about it in this more positive way. Institutions tend to see how things look when the doors are closed, and everything nicely locked into place as they would ideally like it to be. But the ones that succeed are the ones who can foresee how things look when doors are open, and the boundaries that we put in place between “us” and “them” fail or are compromised, as they inevitably are.

There are multiple examples of sliding door and other unfortunate ad placements online.


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