Irrational Hatred of Rational Religion

Irrational Hatred of Rational Religion June 24, 2013

Joel Watts shared this image on his blog:

While green could have more naturally been used to indicate a positive situation, the maker of the image chose to throw in a snarky “but still irrational.”

What, pray tell, if anything, is irrational about Deism?

Deism is a viewpoint that only accepts that which is rational, eschews the supernatural, and only has room for the God that many philosophers have posited, an abstract prime mover.

One may disagree with Deism if one wishes. But isn't the suggestion that it is irrational an indication either that the person who made the graphic took a swipe at a label he or she does not fully understand, or that the individual has a general dislike of any and all sorts of religion which might itself be deemed irrational?



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