Final Program for the ARAM Conference on the Mandaeans

Final Program for the ARAM Conference on the Mandaeans July 2, 2013

I received the final version of the program for the upcoming conference on the Mandaeans at the Oriental Institute in Oxford. Here it is:

MONDAY, JULY 08, 2013

(Venue: The Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane)

Chairperson:Rifaat Ebied (Sydney University)

09:00-10:00     Charles G. Häberl (The State University of New Jersey)

“Dating the language of the Mandaean Book of John.”

10:00-11:00     James F. McGrath (Butler University-USA):

“Polemic, Redaction, and History in the Mandaean Book of John: The Case of the Lightworld Visitor(s) to Jerusalem.”

11:00-11:30     Tea/coffee

11:30-12:30     Mark J. Lofts (Australia)

“When did Zazai d-Gawazta live?”

12:30-13:30     Brikha H.S. Nasoraia (Mardin Artuklu: Sydney and Macquarie Universities)

An Investigation into Diwan Qadaha Rba D-Dmut Kusta Copied by Yahia Ram Zihrun, Sabian Mandaean Priest.”

13:30-15:30     Lunch

15:00-15:30     Tea/coffee

Chairperson: Shafiq Abouzayd (University of Oxford)

16:00-17:00     Matthew Morgenstern (Haifa University)

“A new dictionary of Mandaic: Accomplishments and prospects.”

17:00-18:00     Brikha H.S. Nasoraia (Mardin Artuklu: Sydney and Macquarie Universities)

“Mandaean Sacred Art.”

19:00-22:00     Banquet


TUESDAY, JULY 09, 2013

(Venue: The Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane)

Chairperson: Erica Hunter (University of Cambridge)

09:00-10:00     Sandra van Rompaey (La Trobe University – Australia)

“The function of the other: the female principle in Mandaean religious art.”

10:00-11:00     Tania Notarius (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

“Zarazta d-Hibil Ziua: towards a textual synopsis.”

11:00-11:30     Tea/Coffee

11:30-12:30     Jorunn J. Buckley (Bowdoin College)

“The Embattled Mandaean Bread, the Pihta.”

12:30-13:30     Discussion

13:30-15:30     Lunch


15:30-16:00     Tea/coffee

16:00-17:00     Mark J. Lofts (Australia)

“How old are the Psalms of Thomas and what are the connections of the Gospel of Thomas?

17:00-18:00     Erica Hunter (SOAS-University of London):

“Mandaean Asylum in the UK.”

18:00-19:00     Layla Al-Roomi (Glasgow University)

“The Mandaeans Human Rights.”

(Partly shared with Mr. Nasrir Shethur)

19:00               Conference ends.


Exhibition of Mandaean Arts on Monday and Tuesday organised by Ziad Shiltagh (Chairman of Mandaean Association UK) in the Faculty Room 2

ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies:

Thirty Sixth International Conference


The Oriental Institute

University of Oxford

08-09 July 2013


Each of us speaking at the conference gets 45 minutes to speak and 15 minutes for questions. I am so used to having to aim for around 20 minutes, that this will make for quite a change! I’ll share my paper here on the blog when it is in what I consider to be its final form.

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