How To Start an Academic Blog

How To Start an Academic Blog July 26, 2013

Joshua Mann has written a blog post about how to start an academic blog, gearing up for a presentation on the topic for SBL in November. When I saw the title, it reminded me of the classic cartoon about how become a famous blogger.

In much the same way, to become an academic blogger, you become an academic, and then blog; or you blog, and then become an academic. 🙂

I’m being facetious, of course, about a topic that can be fun and humorous but also needs to be taken seriously. In his post, Joshua explains not just how to go about creating a blog but why one should do so. He also made a video tutorial on the subject:

He has also posted a discussion with Ben Witherington on academic blogging.

Brian LePort also linked to Joshua’s post as well as a couple by David Williams.

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  • Joshua Mann

    Great cartoon! Looking forward to hearing more from you on the subject, too!

  • MCMLove

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