Ray Comfort’s Tactics Illustrated

Ray Comfort’s Tactics Illustrated July 13, 2013

Ray Comfort is a famous charlatan peddling young-earth creationism. This video illustrates the dishonesty that is used by these sorts of folks, and why I consider their deceitful tactics incompatible with Christianity.

HT Pharyngula

The irony is that Comfort is using this tactic to make a point about morality!

But the same sort of selective editing and twisting of meaning is involved when he presents scientific information.

If you have fallen into the deceitful con of young-earth creationists, please fact-check the things that you have been told. There are plenty of educated Christians who will be happy to help you with this, and point you to trustworthy sources of information.

"James, do you think the Gospel writers were writing what they believed to be historical."

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  • Neil Carter

    Thanks for sharing this. I naively tend to give people the benefit of the doubt when others challenge their sincerity and integrity. I could never personally misrepresent someone else’s view so blatantly as Comfort does here, so I tend to assume others share the same internal constraints. Evidently they do not, and I have to see actually evidence to believe it. I’m a little bit wiser to this guy now.

  • dee tee

    the only people lying are mcgrath and the narrator as they read into the video what they want not what is there

    • People who defend charlatans always say that sort of thing.

      • Bill

        Thanks, James.

  • Miranda Flemming

    the reason he peddles that is because his con-fort hell doctrine is dwinkling as the general public are becoming more educated and not sheltered away in cult-like environments like I was. He’s still peddling the same slimy sales pitch he has for decades, preying on guilt-ridden and uneducated folk (like my family that have disowned me since I rejected their toxic religion). I am a survivor of religious abuse of the con-fort kind, including the exorcism in his early publications that he denies. I was banned from his page for saying he was is a psychopath fleecing the sheepies (reportedly, his revenue from book sales & donations from the flock in 2006 was over $3 million – tax fee). He bans anyone that sprinkles $$$$$$