Training Jesus

Training Jesus July 4, 2013

The Gospel of Luke depicts a Jesus who learned. Many fundamentalists view Jesus as someone who always knew everything, being a divine person unhindered by human frailties (even if in theory they claim he was fully human as well as fully divine).

Yet this Jesus who is supposedly infallible is kept on a very short leash, and consistently becomes not the one whose teaching they seek to follow as perfectly as they can, but a spokesperson for their own viewpoints, opinions, prejudices, and attitudes.

David Hayward depicts this powerfully in his latest cartoon, and the one word in that cartoon has a misspelling that makes for a wonderful pun. Many Christians cry out to Jesus to “heal,” and yet at least as often, even if not verbalized in that way, they seek to subject him to their will every bit as much as if they issued the command used by dog owners, “heel.”


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  • thesauros

    Hmm, just when the post was getting interesting, it’s done. 🙁

    My own experience, as a counsellor has been that those who want to wear Jesus as an accessory, or treat him as their puppy, tend to present the following:
    . They work very hard to obey Jesus in every way. However, when He doesn’t “heal” on command, they react with anger. Their thinking seems to go something like, ‘Because I’m such a good person, Jesus owes me a healing.’
    . The other manner in which they present is in thinking they can manipulate God. They tell Him something like, “If you make me rich / powerful, then think of how much more I can do for You and Your Kingdom.”
    Sad but true.