And the Next Doctor Is…

And the Next Doctor Is… August 4, 2013

For those without access to the BBC, the next Doctor after Matt Smith will be…

Peter Capaldi

More about Capaldi on the BBC Doctor Who blog and IO9.

There were some wonderful moments on the show. I particularly liked Colin Baker saying that his idea for his costume was what Christopher Eccleston ended up wearing. I will be trying to re-imagine the Sixth Doctor’s episodes with him dressed that way…

The “Keep Calm Don’t Regenerate” t-shirt was also cool.

If you saw the special, what did you like most about it? If you missed it, what do you most hope or speculate about the next regeneration?


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  • Evan Hershman

    I missed the special, but hung around on social media breathlessly waiting for the announcement.

    I don’t know anything about Capaldi, so it will be a surprise for me.

    Dare one hope that the fact they’ve cast an older actor this time around will mean that the tired trope of the Doctor’s companions getting the hots for him will finally be retired?

  • I’m sure I’m not the only one who quickly googled all of Peter Capaldi’s credits. Apparently, this is the first Doctor with an Academy Award, but as a director rather than an actor. Capaldi received an Oscar in 1994 for Best Short Film (Live Action), for his film Franz Kafka’s It’s a Wonderful Life. It was a tie with the short film Trevor, one of only a few ties in Oscar history.

  • x x

    Thanks be to YHWH, they picked a 55-year old. I expected them to pick another over-sexed young ‘un. Now I can start watching it again.

  • Christopher John Sissons

    I watched Christopher Walken in Seven Psychopaths last night. What struck me about Peter Capaldi was his resemblance to CW. William Hartnell was 55 when he started playing the Doctor. He played the Doctor older than 55 years and so I wonder whether PC will play an older Doctor?

  • Guest

    I missed it, but saw the announcement on BBC news.
    I am disappointed that they didn’t choose a black actor, an asian actor or a woman. I think that would have been really brave and given the series a totally new slant.
    Even so, Capaldi was great as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It, so I’m looking forward to see how he does. He’s a more establised actor than Matt Smith, with lots of experience, so we might see a Doctor with more nuance and layers.

  • Philip Wesley Davisson

    I’ve only seen him in The Hour, very taciturn and enigmatic character there. Having an older and established actor will bring a new dynamic to the show. And the accent’s great.

  • Ian

    Also very glad we’ve got a return to an older doctor. I liked the last two, but I still prefer the avuncular style of doctor.

  • Paul D.

    The Thick of It is one of my favourite shows, and Peter Capaldi is what made it great. This is an excellent choice for the Doctor.

  • x x

    I very much agree with this comment from TV critic Christopher Stevens:

    “We need to forget about Matt Smith, and quickly: He took the emotional depth of his predecessor, David Tennant, and boiled it down to two dimensions.

    Smith’s 11th Doctor was fun and quirky, but always on the brink of parody. When the scripts were poor, such as the Cybermen episode earlier this year, he was more like a puppet than a real person.

    The 12th Doctor needs to ditch all the gyration, the gestures and the gurning.

    We have to believe in the Doctor as a compassionate, brooding soul. Capaldi must bring authority, and the glint of steel to his actions.

    If he doesn’t, after all this razzamatazz, the show will fall apart. And we face the spectre of an army of Daleks, advancing on us, intoning: ‘Om-ni-sham-bles! Om-ni-sham-bles!’”

    • Tony

      “The show will fall apart”? Seriously? Matt Smith is arguably one of the most popular (and talented) actors ever to assume the role of the Doctor and a large reason for the show’s current success. And I’m sure Peter Capaldi will be wonderful, too, whatever his take. Besides, it’s ridiculous to say that the Doctor MUST be brooding and steely. (Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker certainly missed that memo!) That’s the beauty of the character, isn’t it? He’s always… changing?

  • goodacre

    I felt sorry for the poor chap who went into meltdown live on air with his gaffes about knocking three times & Peter Eccleston. Sheesh. Interesting move not to have Stephen Moffat in the studio. Also interesting to avoid any kind of discussion of content, so it was completely separated from the 50th.

    But Capaldi is a wonderful choice. Great actor. Will bring gravitas, depth and humour. And he actually just looks like the doctor. In Moffat we trust!