Worst Teacher Ever?

Worst Teacher Ever? August 19, 2013

As we start a new semester, it is important to call to mind bad examples as well as good ones.

Do you have a bad feeling about this semester? I'll be teaching my course on religion and science fiction, which made this Star Wars comic seem particularly relevant.


"It's also exciting for students! I used to love reading my Profs' books and essays."

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"Just view it as a warning to fundamentalist students. Which, I think, you once were."

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  • Marta L.

    I’d love to see that syllabus – I regularly bring science fiction into my philosophy courses, and on a purely personal level I’m interested in what readings you’ll be working with. Will it be available online, or could you either PM it to me on FB or email it to me at mlaytonATfordhamDOTedu? Assuming you’re comfortable showing it to third parties, of course.

    • You’re not the only person to mention wanting to see the syllabus, and so I think I will try to get a copy online, and will mention it on my blog when I do so. If you are afraid that you might miss it there, then let me know (my e-mail is on the Butler University web site) and I’ll send it to you via e-mail.