A Polite Bribe

A Polite Bribe September 23, 2013

I was asked to review the forthcoming documentary movie, A Polite Bribe, about the apostle Paul’s “offering” to the Jerusalem church from the Gentile churches he established. Unfortunately, my access to the online preview expired before I could finish watching. But from what I saw, I can say it is worth watching and offers interesting perspectives from scholars and a provocative interpretation of the data. Larry Hurtado has blogged about the film twice, and Richard Fellows has also posted recently about the topic of Paul’s offering.

A Polite Bribe Film will be released through Regal Cinemas Oct 31st in 7-10 selected theaters across the US.

The film is dedicated to the late Alan Segal, and I assume that the interview with him is one of his last recorded interviews:


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