Moses Escapes the Mall

Moses Escapes the Mall September 11, 2013

Although it might seem just like one more “Moses parts X” cartoon, today’s Non Sequitur comic actually gets at an interesting point, if you think about it.

When people in modern industrialized nations talk about miracles, they often have in mind things like finding a parking spot, or finding one’s car after exiting (it may feel like escaping) the mall.

So many people have no sense of what slavery could actually be like, and what liberation from an oppressive dictator might entail.

Perhaps we do need a modern-day Moses, not to help us find his car or ours, but to actually lead us in escaping the mall and all it symbolizes, a consumer culture in which we exist like modern-day Pharaohs at the expense of others who make bricks without straw for our benefit more than their own.

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