Sacred Theories

Sacred Theories September 12, 2013

Hemant Mehta shared this church sign. What it says is quite ironic, given that, since it is from a Free Methodist church, it is probably intended to be antievolutionist.

But taken at face value, it is an excellent summary, putting in a nutshell a point made at greater length in a chart that Scott Bailey shared:

See too the treatment by P Z Myers of the young-earth creationist distinction between historical science and observational science.


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  • What’s interesting is that according to this table, a great part of Evolutionary Psychology is a pseudo-science.

    Like philosopher David Buller, I define Evolutionary Psychology not as (in general) the study of human psychology within an evolutionary framework (which is perfectly legitimate) but the belief that very specific human behaviors have been specially programmed in modules of the brain by natural or sexual selection, and they seem to be impervious to the idea that those complex processes might result from the interaction of countless basic units in the brain.

    It is worth noting that the New Atheism championned Metha and Myer also satisfies all the criteria of a pseudo-science.

    Their basic conviction is that all religions must be utterly destroyed and all believers should be constantly scorned and ridiculed because

    1) quite a few religions have harmful beliefs

    2) liberal and progressive believers legitimate the existence and respectability of fundamentalism

    The fact that you, I, Thomas Stark, Randal Rauser, the Naked Pastor and many others keep criticizing the stupidity and dangerosity of Christian fundamentalism changes nothing to their belief in 2) (“Fixed Ideas”).

    If you read their blogs you will find that they are extremely selective concerning the examples of “religious” behaviors they show to the public.

    Most often their moral and epistemological theories are only peer-reviewed by fellow militant atheists.

    And quite a few of them believe that Jesus is considered as historical due to a gigantic conspiracy of scholars biased in favor of Christianity.

    Please notice that I was speaking of the New Atheism (also called Antitheism) and not of Atheism in general.

    French atheist thinkers are generally extremely bright, coherant, nice and pleasant people and their arguments are far better than those of the village anti-theist.

    Lovely greetings from continental Europe
    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

    • Jon Hendry

      Evo-Psych is definitely a subject of some controversy among scientists, and there is a lot of really bad evo-psych, especially appearing in books and magazines, rather than peer-reviewed sources.