Beyond Tribal Theology

Beyond Tribal Theology October 24, 2013

The blog Psephizo shared this graphic, developed by Jon Kuhrt:

Although I line up more on the liberal side of many things, I am delighted to be part of a church that isn’t liberal, nor moderate, nor conservative. It is diverse, and finding a church where you can not only be welcome and fit in, and not only be encouraged by a community where your views are understood and shared, but also challenged by others who do not see things as you do, is not always easy. And so as my church gears up to celebrate a membership drive next month which we’re calling “Novembership” (one thing that the pastor and I share is a love for bad puns), let me invite you to Crooked Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis, if you are in its vicinity. You won’t always like what you hear. But your freedom to be yourself and think differently will be welcome as part of this community. And isn’t that better than simply surrounding yourself with a group of people who simply nod in agreement to whatever you say, because you all think alike?
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