Horus Trolls the Atheists Again

Horus Trolls the Atheists Again October 21, 2013

A colleague of mine shared this bit of internet nonsense on Facebook:

I am disappointed when anyone repeats bogus information without fact-checking it, but I am even more disappointed when it is an educator.

I sometimes think that young-earth creationists might be atheists pretending to be delusional and dishonest Christians in order to make Christianity look bad.

And when I see these lists of mostly fabricated parallels betwee Horus and Jesus, I suspect that they are created by Christians who post them in atheist forums and then make fun of the gullible atheists who believe it.

There are plenty of tricksters and charlatans out there, and they are by no means on one side of any given divide. Fact check everything – especially stuff that you are inclined to believe, or want to believe!


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