I find your lack of faith disturbing

I find your lack of faith disturbing October 26, 2013

A commenter (whom I can only assume is a troll, since they twice assumed that I might not have seen Star Wars!) suggested that the scene in which Darth Vader force chokes General Motti in Star Wars Episode IV might be inspired by the doubting Thomas story in John 20. And so I thought it deserved to be converted into some images, which I am sharing below. I’m curious which looks most like Jesus is force choking Thomas. But I am also interested in some discussion of how the two scenes are similar and different, and what message about doubting and believing is conveyed by them, as readers of this blog understand it. Click each image below to see it enlarged!


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  • Would not the real Darth Jesus say something more farsighted like: “I find your lack of faith…excusable.”

  • Gary

    Since not much traffic on this, 1. “I’m curious which looks most like Jesus is force choking Thomas” 2. “But I am also interested in some discussion of how the two scenes are similar and different,” 3. “and what message about doubting and believing is conveyed”…
    1. Looks most like Jesus…, don’t know. What least looks like Jesus force choking Thomas, “Stained Glass”, from John’s perspective. Halo is dead give-away. John trashes Thomas three times, including Thomas being absent when the rest of the disciples received the Holy Spirit. So unlikely John would show a halo on Thomas.
    2. Two scenes similar and different…Darth and
    Jesus both do a learning exercise. But Darth is OT, violence and intimidation. Jesus is NT, patient and loving, more or less.
    3. Doubting and believing…seems like an overall theme in the OT, and John; Light and Word is in heaven, and Yahweh/Jesus. Nowhere else. Don’t question/doubt, or else. Just like in the Garden of Eden. Obey, knowledge is not a good fruit to partake of. The Twin’s Gospel says seek the light within yourself. So I could say this might imply that the sayings of Jesus according the the Gospel of Thomas may have been around at the time the Gospel of John was written. Otherwise why else would the author of John, trash Thomas? So in a way, John was choked a little by Thomas, not Thomas choked by Jesus. Either that, or John (the disciple standing by whom Jesus loved) was a little petty toward Thomas. Mark, Matthew, and Luke gave Thomas a break.

  • arcseconds

    I don’t really think the two scenes have all that much in common with one another, to be honest.

    There’s a long tradition of making villians attractive and cool, sometimes in complete defiance of the author’s actual intentions. Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost is a famous example of this. Darth Vader is probably the most famous example, and for me this scene is one which puts me largely on Vader’s side.

    I mean, who hasn’t being in a meeting when they’ve really wanted to throttle the supercilious, self-important, obnoxious little upstart who’s wasting everyone’s time with their insulting, no-nothing prattle?

  • T. Webb

    “I find your skepticism… laudable.”

  • Tea…through my nose….

  • Don’t know if you’ve already seen this: apparently unreleased Star Wars gag reel


    • Yes, thanks. Who knew that threatening to destroy a planet could be so hilarious? 🙂