Jesus was NOT a Zombie

Jesus was NOT a Zombie October 27, 2013

Jeremy Smith wants to make sure that, if you are a nerd who is inclined to be sacrilegious as the Halloween season draws near (or at Easter, for that matter), you at least do it accurately. And so he shared this:

Now, in case you are wondering, I don't think that Jesus was a Lich. Or a zombie. Or a ghost. Or any of the other options on the list above.

What I do think is that, far from dismissing it as sacrilege, Christians should use such potentially insulting humor to ask and reflect on what they do think Jesus was and is. Having him resurrect into a physical body and travel upwards to a heaven that is located literally upwards from Jerusalem when the Earth is facing a particular direction has implications. And if you do not so envisage heaven, then positing a physical Jesus who travels there spatially makes no sense, and so you should admit that you don't view Jesus the way the author of Acts did.

Instead of getting mad at Halloween (if you are the sort of person who tends to do so because you regard the entire thing as demonic), why not ask what opportunity it offers to learn something? If Paul could, according to Acts, learn from a Greek author who wrote about Zeus, then surely you can learn something from Halloween even if it is not something you are inclined to celebrate.


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