Just Following the Bible

Just Following the Bible October 5, 2013

Stuff Fundies Like posted the following gem:

I just follow the Bible. I just follow the obvious meanings of a 400 year old translation of a document written originally in languages I don’t speak, influenced heavily by cultures I don’t begin to understand, and by people who I mistakenly assume looked, acted, thought and dressed just like I do.

I just follow the Bible. It’s not only a road map for life and God’s love letter to everybody who isn’t an Amalekite but it also apparently contains an uncanny number of direct statements about how much beat is acceptable in music and how one should pledge to the country’s flag — even though countries didn’t have flags when it was written.

I just follow the Bible. And the Holy Spirit. And my pastor who God sent to tell me what the Holy Spirit says the Bible means. Just last Sunday I learned that Job 31:10 is a seven-thousand year old sermon against twerking.

I just follow the Bible. And my cultural predispositions. And my inherent biases. And my economic expedients. And my filters of time, place, biology, psychology, technology, and personal experience.

I just follow the Bible. You’d better follow me too.

Recently in my Sunday school class the question was posed as to what “Bible-believing” means. In the conversation, it was asked whether the King James Only movement isn’t a lot like the old Latin only movement. An attempt to keep people from understanding the Bible, so that they can be controlled by those who claim that they do understand. It is a pointed analogy, especially when one considers the irony of how prevalent anti-Catholic sentiments are among the KJV-only crowd.

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