Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Play-a-Thon

Metropolitan Youth Orchestra Play-a-Thon October 12, 2013

I am privileged not only to have my son benefit from the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra program of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, but also to get to play the role of accompanist myself sometimes, as I did in this year’s Play-a-Thon (as evidenced in the video above – sorry it starts a few seconds into the first piece, which is “Minor Swing” by Stephane Grappelli, the famous jazz violinist).

In this annual fundraiser, performers find sponsors, and the entire day there is more-or-less non-stop music provided at the venue, the McDonalds in Broad Ripple by young musicians.

Since I presumed that few blog readers would be able to attend, I didn’t invite readers of the blog to the event, much less ask you to sponsor us. But since I am sharing some music from the event, I feel it is appropriate to say now that if you would like to make a donation to support MYO, I am providing the link to where you can get details of how to do so on the ISO website. Thank you!

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