The Gnu Atheist Song

The Gnu Atheist Song October 3, 2013

A commenter drew my attention to the existence of a parody song, “The New Gnu,” by musician Jon Garvey (based on “The Gnu Song”), about the so-called “Gnu Atheists.” Click through to listen (just have your computer’s sound on and it should play automatically, but there are controls at the very bottom of the page).

Interestingly, Garvey also has essays related to Biblical studies and theology on his website, too!

Here’s the Muppet rendition of the earlier song the one by Jon Garvey’s is based on:

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  • Peter Kirk

    Jon Garvey seems to be an amazing man. I got to know him slightly many years ago when I briefly lived across the road from him, near Chelmsford, UK. More recently I had a little more contact when he was the senior doctor at my family medical practice in Chelmsford. So this one man is not only a musician and a theologian but also a successful medical doctor, until, I think, he took early retirement. I’m guessing you have seen his blog, at, which is new to me but looks interesting. I loved his (Sept 25) expose of David Attenborough as a vitalist.

    • Jon Garvey

      Peter – good to hear of you after all these years. Danbury, Essex and Meadgate all seem a long time ago – retired and moved to Devon in 2009 to write and play more music, but more often Elvis Costello than Flanders and Swann, I have to say.

      • Peter Kirk

        Thank you, Jon. I wasn’t sure if you would remember me. Chelmsford also seems a long way away for me, because it is: last year we moved to Virginia, USA, where my wife and I have opened a dance school.

  • PNG

    I’m the commenter who posted the link. Jon, among his other activities, has been a regular commenter at Biologos for quite a while. He is well informed on the history of theology, among other things.