Unaccredited Church

Unaccredited Church October 15, 2013

J. K. Doyle shared (and offered a few critical comments about) the aboveimage that has apparently been circulating among those proud to be pretending to be Christians, and perhaps also among a small number of people who are as sincerely misguided about what being a Christian is as they are anout the use of scare quotes.

Holy Sprit? Angles? Poor spelling in a post whose overall message is “I don’t need none of that high-falutin learnin'”? I would love to think this is parody. But I fear that it is not.

Then again, maybe it is more honest and accurate than I gove it credit for. Heaven is the university of the maker of this image, and so they recognize that they have not been there yet. And the tuition is free – and they say you get what you pay for.

Is there anyone reading this who is actually proud to be a “Christian” – i.e. proud to be a pseudo-Christian rather than a genuine one, whatever that might mean?

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  • Ian

    This blasphemy against the Holy Sprit is unforgivable.

  • 1captainhooker1

    Wouldn’t pride in your Christianity be antithetical to the humility encouraged by Christ?

  • Lou Covey

    I note Mr. McGrath’s spelling is no better.

    • Donaving

      Pretty sure that was intensional.

  • Marta L.

    Do they have a problem with grade inflation? They have to; I mean, the professors must be very generous. To err is human, after all, but to forgive, divine…

    (Also, wouldn’t that count as bias against your angle-lic classmates?)