An Adventure in Time and Space

An Adventure in Time and Space November 29, 2013

The folks at IO9 mentioned how genuinely moving and emotional this reenactment of the beginnings of Doctor Who is. I agree. There are some truly powerful moments, and the entire story is one that Doctor Who fans will particularly love, but can be enjoyed by anyone. It is about the BBC's first female producer and first Indian-born director, and an aging actor who was appreciated for his past roles but now struggling to find work. The latter approaches the show he is asked to star in with some skepticism, but by the time health issues force his departure, he doesn't want to go.



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  • It was excellent! I put it on last week while doing something else, but it quickly pulled me in. I definitely teared up during Hartnell’s last time on the set, even though I’ve only ever seen one Hartnell episode. I’m going to have to rectify that.

    • You should blog your way through them when you do. You could revitalize your blog as Doctorthodoxy! 😉

      • I really miss blogging, but every time I post anything I’m reminded why I rarely do it anymore. I spend hours if not days editing everything I post (I can’t bring myself to publish it otherwise), then spend the next week obsessing over how many people have read it or commented on it. When I used to blog regularly I hardly got anything else done. I envy those of you who can post regularly without it filling up your every waking thought!

        • I think that blogging is like any other activity. When you first start doing it, it can be especially time consuming, as it can also be if you don’t do it regularly. But if you get in the habit of writing something daily, it can start to become something that feels natural and flows naturally and quickly.

          I would compare it to physical exercise except that I’ve only heard rumors to the effect that that would feel more natural if I managed to do it regularly. 🙂