Certainty-Seeking Faith

Certainty-Seeking Faith November 19, 2013

Kurt Willems shared the quote below from Greg Boyd’s book Benefit of the Doubt: Breaking the Idol of Certainty (p.149):

One of the most unfortunate consequences of certainty-seeking faith is that, because it rewards people for feeling certain they’re right and discourages people from questioning their perspectives, it conditions people to insist that their maps are the territory. People who embrace this kind of faith will be more inclined to assume that their interpretation of a biblical verse is the meaning of the verse itself. So to disagree with their interpretation is to disagree with the verse itself. In fact, the mind-set that this model of faith produces inclines people to forget they’re interpreting at all. As an angry man told me in a theological dispute some years ago, “I don’t interpret the Bible. I just read it!”

Click through to read the rest of Kurt’s post. Click here to see Greg’s book on Amazon.com. And see too Chet Raymo’s post contrasting two types of religious people which he labels as “finders and seekers.”

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