Doctor Who and Religion Day

Doctor Who and Religion Day November 2, 2013

Today is the religion and Doctor Who synchroblog! Here’s what I’m aware of so far on other blogs:

Jack Collins has been live-blogging (or live micro-blogging) the Religion and Doctor Who conference at the University of Manchester. He started with his arrival, then the amazing library, then his panel having gone well, and having spoiled what others were planning to say. And apparently he even made a connection between Donna Noble and the dangers of theosis! I hope he’ll flesh out more details when he has time at some later point.

Julie Clawson blogged about “The Healing Doctor” in a post that looks back to previous episodes and ahead to “Day of the Doctor.”

On Twitter, David Moloney shared a photo of the book display for Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith at the conference:

And Unicorn Tree Books also shared a photo of their display on Facebook.

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  • Scott Paeth

    I wrote this a few months ago, but here’s my bloggy contribution to the conversation: “The Gospel According to Doctor Who”

    • Thanks so much for sharing this!

      • Scott Paeth

        Happily. I just wrote something else today inspired by your posting, also on the blog.

  • Kubricks_Rube

    I’m in the middle of David Tennant’s second season now and I feel like the “Doctor as Jesus” subtext is getting ever closer to the surface. I’m actually getting tired of characters (especially his companions because it makes for rather old-fashioned gender dynamics) passively fawning over the Doctor and professing their total faith in his awesomeness and the inevitability of his saving the day. This doesn’t happen every episode, but when it does I find it offputting; yes, the Doctor is great, but he’s literally inhuman and, perhaps this is unfair, but in his near-invincibility I hold him to a different standard of morality (with great power…) and can’t get as worked up over his heroism (while greatly enjoying his heroics, if you see the distinction).

    This is all a lead-in to say how much I loved the two-parter Human Nature/The Family of Blood. The story was an excellent exploration of the contrast between human and divine (so to speak) sacrifice and heroism. It reminded me a lot of Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ. When Joan Redfern says about John Smith, “He was braver than you, in the end,” I felt like the show was acknowledging the often Deux ex machina nature of the Doctor’s role in things, yet did so in a way that also created real empathy for the Doctor himself (itself?). Wonderful episode all around.

    • There’s some good stuff in store later related to the challenging of companions’ absolute faith in the Doctor that you can look forward to! 🙂

      • Kubricks_Rube

        Cool, looking forward to it. I just finished Season 3 with the Master doing his Nicolae Carpathia impression. This was a fun take on Revelation (or the pop culture version of it anyway). I especially liked The Doctor regaining his power because of the faith of the people which itself derived from his apostle’s tales of that power; yet another closed loop of sorts.