Jesus Loves Aliens

Jesus Loves Aliens November 1, 2013

Thanks to Sabio Lantz for the image above. This is in keeping with the explicit teaching of the Bible, in Leviticus 19:33, which says “When an alien resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the alien.”

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  • Ian

    A minister friend mentioned the hymn “There’s a wideness in God’s mercy” to me this week (a hymn I don’t know, myself). It has the verse:

    There is grace enough for thousands
    Of new worlds as great as this;
    There is room for fresh creations
    In that upper home of bliss.

    Which raises the interesting question that, if other beings live on other planets, do their have their own dispensation, or are they to share in Jesus’s?

    • My Mormonanity is spotty, but when they die, they get their own universe/planet where, if they married a good Mormon girl in the Temple, the couple now get’s to make spiritual babies and populate planets with more people and become their god and savior.

      Anyway, something like that [like being wrong on such a story would really matter] — Sooooo, Mormon Christians don’t need Jesus for aliens, those aliens are babies of good mormons and got their own saviors –> the good Mormons.

      If you think that is confusing, read the Bible for more weird stories! 🙂

  • LOL — very nice !!! [thx for the mention]

  • Adam Crowl

    A nice reminder in this age of apocalyptic paranoia which promotes the pernicious meme Aliens-are-Demons-in-Disguise.

    • Hey Adam,

      Per chance, is this your site:

      Which also seems very keen on Aliens.
      I can see how this pic I photoshopped could further a wrong image of aliens.
      Well, if I worried, about defending them, it would bother me.
      But heck, I am ready for surprises.
      Do you comment here often or have google searches out there for any mention of “aliens”?

      • Adam Crowl

        Yes, that’s my blog. I’ve been reading James McGrath’s NT discussions for years, but only today decided to comment.

    • Besides, Adam, the pic shows Jesus hugging a supposed alien — Jesus wouldn’t hug a demon. And here, though a bit scary, the alien looks rather cute. So maybe I am helping the image — sure, still inaccurate (since I imagine you got real pics), but maybe I’ve “redeemed” their demonfication.

      • Adam Crowl

        Hi Sabio
        No, despite the impression created by my blog’s topics, I don’t have any hard evidence of aliens. I have had some very interesting spiritual encounters and I know at least one scientist who has encountered “aliens”, but neither of us have real answers about the nature of what’s Out There. We are both involved in Icarus Interstellar, which is a shared quest to find the means to go look for ourselves.

        • I had to look up Icarus Interstellar – I see you are on the Board. I also saw your interest in Singularity. I can see why you might be interested in James’ SciFi Christianity! 🙂

          Maybe your group will make it possible for inhabitants of other solar systems to see that the aliens they dreamed of (us) were not as weird or demonic as they thought. Though some see humans as weird and demonic — I do at times. 🙂

          Maybe we will be gods to them.